Traveling with Pets

The Travel Industry Association reports that 29.1 million Americans have traveled with a pet on a trip of 50 miles or more in the past 3 years. One study notes that nearly 40% of U.S. dog owners state they travel with their dogs. It is difficult to tell how many of these owners discuss their travel plans with their veterinarians, yet there are many important aspects of pet travel that owners should know about and may not.

VeTeam Advisor's Top 10 Things Owners Forget When Traveling with Pets.

  1. A method of confinement for the pet (in the care and at the destination)
  2. Identification (eg, tags and microchips)
  3. Proof of rabies vaccination.
  4. Contact information for the pet's regular veterinarian.
  5. Finding out what rules apply for their particular travel plans (eg, airline rules, health certificates, quarantine)
  6. Making reservations or obtaining a list of accommodations that will accept pets before starting out.
  7. Planning for pet rest stops and potty breaks.
  8. Bringing the pet's usual food along, or ensuring its usual food will be available at the travel destination.
  9. Taking along food and water bowls, familiar toys and bedding and extra leashes.
  10. Planning for pet care at the destination during times the owner will be unable to bring the pet along (eg, restaurants or amusement parks)

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